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Homes and businesses across NZ are full of cleaning supplies that could be doing more harm than good. Over-the-counter household cleaners can contain nasty chemicals that harm the health of their users as well as the environment.

At Hygiene House, we believe NZ deserves better for both its people and its ecosystem. It’s easier than ever before to go online and find natural cleaning products for sale, like foam soap, hand sanitiser, and wet wipes. Our wholesale prices mean you can buy cleaning supplies in bulk, which is a real money-saver for any family, restaurant, retailer, hospital, school, or office.

Why spend more money on harsh, chemical cleaners that aren’t good for you, your family, or the environment? Say goodbye to the fuss of restocking your cleaning supplies individually and switch to wholesale eco-friendly cleaning products today!

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If you’re interested in bulk buying the best natural cleaning products NZ has for sale, browse through the Hygiene House range of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. For more information or to enquire about any of our products, get in touch with us via our online contact page or call (09) 273 1224.