Slay Natural Insecticide Spray 400ml Each DG2

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Repels and kills flying insects. MPI approved Type A (excluding dairy)
MAC Slay Natural Insecticide harnesses nature’s own pest control active, Pyrethrum harvested from chrysanthemum daisies.

MPI approved Type A (all animal products excluding dairy)
400ml space spray
Micromist technology
Fully compliant insecticide
Low odourless, fragrance-free
Flushes and repels unwanted insects
Formulated with pyrethrum a naturally occurring pyrethrin extracted from Chrysanthemum daisies
Causes a photothropic response on insects
Dry spray, non staining spray
Economical large format can
MAC has been a leading brand in global border bio security and public health for over 40 years

Space spray to flush out unwanted insect pests
Suitable for use in education, healthcare, food preparation , domestic and commercial environments

MPI approved Type A (all animal products excluding dairy)