Arandell Auto Air Sanitiser Total Release 300ml Each DG2

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Destroys odour caused by bacteria, sanitises and freshens the air. MPI approved C102

MAC Arandell Auto Air Sanitiser destroys odour causing bacteria and leaves a clean fresh fragrance in the room. Set and forget metered dose valve.


Neutralises strong organic odours, pungent chemical fumes, smoke fumes and unpleasant animal odours

6000 metered shots (50µl) per 300ml can

Micro mist and dry spray technology improves efficacy

Eliminates odour – actively sanitises air it is not an ‘air freshener’ which simple masks malodour with fragrance

Utilises a patented active ingredient which binds to malodour rendering inactive

Used by DHBs and professional agencies throughout New Zealand

Currently available in 5 pleasant fragrances – Mountain, Spring Summer, Linen & Frangipani with Ocean, Lavender, Citrus & Jasmine on its way!

Bespoke fragrances and fragrance free toll manufacturing options

Also available in 500ml space spray



Auto dispenser format

Set and forget

6000 metered shots per can



MPI approved C102

AsureQuality approved