Foam Hand Sanitiser Purell Touch Free TFX Refill 1.2LTR (SUB ESG5391/5392) DG3

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Gojo Purell Foaming Hand Sanitiser


*Alcohol based Hand Sanitisers are
important due to the role they play in reducing the spread of illness-causing
germs and are recommended by leading health organisations such as the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.

*The facts about Alcohol-based Hand
Sanitisers: *Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not contain Triclosan.

*Purell Hand Sanitisers do not contain
Bisphenol A 1200ml Pod

0.8mls per Actuation

1500 Actuations per refill

2 Refills per carton

Touch Free Dispensing Sanitiser

For use in dispenser code:

ESG2720 (touch free dispensing unit)

ESG2790 (touch free CHROME dispensing