Activate Complete Unit 5% DGLQ

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Complete Unit 5%

Meets M.o.H guidelines

Two year shelf life

Simple to use

Cost effective

The Activate Bleach Dilution System has been
engineered specifically to meter and dispense 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite at a
10% (0.5%W/W) solution. The components within the spray head work in
conjunction with the specially designed bottle plug and dip tube within the
bleach cartridge to deliver the correct solution of bleach. Simply lock the
bleach cartridge into place, fill the water reservoir with tap water and
Activate is ready to use.

***Please note that this 0.5% Activate solution
must still be used at the beginning of each day and combined with the Nightly
complete at the end of the day***

***The 0.1% solution is to used to sanitise change
mats in between nappy changes.****

0.5% Bleach refill: DFSL325