Sanitiser Hand Gel Pump Bottle Purell Green Cert 12oz (356ml) DGLQ

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Purell Hand Sanitiser Green Cert 12oz (356ml) Pump Bottle

Alcohol based Hand Sanitisers are important due to the role they play in reducing the spread of illness-causing germs and are recommended by leading health organisations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.

The facts about Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers:

*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not contain Triclosan.

*Purell Hand Sanitisers do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – Alcohol is the active ingredient in Purell.Hand Sanitisers do not cause Antibiotic Resistance.

*The Alcohol in Hand Sanitisers kills a wide range of germs and then evaporates leaving nothing behind on your skin for germs to become resistant to.

*All Hand Sanitisers are not the same,

*Alcohol-based and non-Alcohol based have different formulations.

*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not dry out your hands.- Studies have shown that Purell Hand Sanitisers are gentle on the hands compared to normal soap as Purell does not strip the natural liquid away.

*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers do not cause Supergerms. Ethyl Alcohol, the active ingredient in Purell and other Alcohol-based Sanitisers destroys the cell membranes and is not left behind on the skin for germs to become resistant to.

*Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers kill illness-causing or Transient Germs (these are germs acquired by touching objects and can be transmitted in the body or by touching people/ objects).