Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

The #1 Source for Bulk Buying PURELL Sanitiser in NZ

Your hands are the ultimate tool to interact with and manipulate the world around you, but everyday use inevitably puts them in contact with bacteria and germs. Even if water and soap are unavailable, you can still keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of germs with fast-absorbing hand sanitisers.

Hygiene House is NZ’s top stockist of hand sanitiser from PURELL and other reputable brands. We offer our products at wholesale prices for those who are looking to take the hassle out of hand cleanliness by bulk buying their hand sanitiser.

Quality customer service is a top priority at Hygiene House. We take great pride in our knowledge regarding health, cleaning, and hygiene products such as PURELL’s sanitisers. We’ve been proudly NZ-owned and operated by a local family with years of expertise in the education and hospitality fields, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.

The perks of using PURELL sanitiser

PURELL sanitiser has been a gamechanger for the health and hygiene of individuals, families and businesses across NZ. It offers cleanliness anytime, anywhere, and is a quick and easy alternative to washing your hands with water and soap when they are unavailable or inconvenient. It’s especially handy for parents of littles ones who are learning about the world by exploring with their hands, tradespeople working on sites without access to running water, and in many more situations.

Hygiene House offers a variety of large sizes of hand sanitiser products from PURELL for those looking to buy in bulk. These can be used to refill pocket-sized dispensers for when you’re on-the-go, or as a standalone option in schools, kitchens, worksites, offices…the list goes on!

Save money by buying PURELL sanitiser in bulk

Any given moment or situation might require hand sanitiser, so it makes sense to buy in bulk and never be without. PURELL products come in a variety of formulations, and Hygiene House is pleased to carry an assortment that is sure to suit your needs. Browse our range including foam soap and wet wipes, or for more information, head to our online contact page or call (09) 273 1224.