Foam Soap

Foam Soap

NZ’s Top Bulk Supplier Foam Soap Refills and Dispensers

Hygiene House is a bulk stockist of foam soap from GOJO and other reputable brands, as well as foam soap refills and dispensers. We’re proudly NZ-owned and operated by a local family who have many years of experience and knowledge in the fields of education and hospitality. We recommend switching from liquid soap to buying foam soap due to its money- and water-saving capabilities, and its own sustainability leading to a lower cost-per-use.

The benefits of bulk buying foam soap from GOJO and other reliable brands

It’s a money-saver

Thanks to our wholesale prices, bulk buying foam soap is more cost-effective than if you were to buy handwash in individual bottles, but did you know that foam soap is cheaper to buy than liquid soap in general?

Thanks to the consistency of foam soap, it spreads 8x more easily than liquid soap and requires 36% less product on average per handwash. Less soap down the drain means less money spent overall, and less time and effort spent refilling dispensers.

It’s more convenient than liquid soap

Speaking of refilling soap dispensers, foam soap from brands like GOJO comes in a completely fluid form that is easier to pour than thick and sticky liquid soap. Liquid soap will always have leftovers stuck in the container even after vigorous shaking and pouring efforts, wasting the product, and the time and money spent on it.

H2: Save your money and bulk buy your foam soap

Make the switch to bulk buying a trustworthy brand of foam soap such as GOJO and stop spending more than you need to on your NZ household’s or business’ soap. Shop the Hygiene House range of foam soaps, refills and dispensers, or you can get in touch with us for more information or to enquire about any of our products such as hand sanitiser and wet wipes. Contact us through our website or call (09) 273 1224.